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  • Welcome to the Benefice of Cleckheaton website. 
    It’s spring!
    There are many special services and events for you to experience in our local churches. 
    Please explore our site and click on the Events page for more details. 
    Here are some dates for 2019:

    Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on the 6th of March. Ashing services at 9.30 am (St John’s) 11 am (Whitechapel, BCP) and St Luke’s 7.30 pm.

    Shrove Tuesday Pancake Social at St John’s from 4pm on the 5th of March.

    Rachel will offer some occasions to explore the spiritual value of silence:

    Quiet Evenings:

    Tuesday 26th March, 7-8.15 pm at St John’s.

    Wednesday 3rd April, 7-8.15 pm at Whitechapel.

    Quiet Day:

    Wednesday 10th April, 10 am - 3.30 pm at the Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield.

    Churches Together ‘Safari’, 13th April, walking (or driving) between the Anglican, Methodist, Catholic and Quaker churches. Refreshments and welcomers at each church by turn. 

    This is the ‘opener’ for Holy Week, which is likely to consist of:

    Sunday the 14th of April

    Palm Sunday services in our churches

    Monday the 15th of April

    7.30 pm Evening Meditation. The Quaker Meeting House, Scholes, BD19 6LY.

    Tuesday the 16th of April

    7.30 pm Passover Service at Cleckheaton Methodist Church.

    Wednesday 17th of April

    7.00 pm Stations of the Cross. St Paul's Catholic Church, BD19 5BT.

    Maundy Thursday, the 18th of April

    7.00 pm Mass of the Lord's Supper (followed by Watching until 10 pm) at St Paul’s Church.

    7.30 pm Holy Communion with washing of feet, Whitechapel Church, BD19 6HR.

    Good Friday, the 19th of April

    Churches Together Walk of Witness. Gather from 11.15 am at St Paul's Catholic Church.

    2 pm Good Friday Reflection. St John's Church, BD19 3RN.

    3 pm Commemoration of the Lord's Passion at St Paul’s Church. 

    6.30 pm ‘Watching and Waiting’ Cleckheaton Methodist Church.

    7.30 pm Evening Service with Good Friday Hymns, St Luke's Church, BD19 6AB.

    Easter Eve, the 20th of April

    7pm Anglican Confirmation at Bradford Cathedral. 

    Easter Sunday, the 21st of April 

    Dawn Prayers & cooked breakfast, 6.30 am in St John's churchyard, facing east.

    Sunday will see celebrations at our usual service times, followed by Easter egg hunts at Whitechapel, St John’s and St Luke’s.

    Saturday 18th May. Churches Together spring fair for Christian Aid Week. Hosted by St Paul’s Church. Please could we volunteer to run a stall?

    Thursday 30th May, Ascension Day (details tbc)

    Sunday 9th June, Pentecost

    Churches Together - Jo Cox ‘More in Common’ community event 12-3pm in Memorial Park Saturday 22nd June.

    Sunday 7th July, Benefice Service 11 am at St Luke’s. Brunel celebrates 20 years as a priest. 


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  • We are grateful to our community advertisers for their support for our website.We are grateful to our community advertisers for their support for our website.

    We are grateful to our community advertisers for their support for our website.