"Why not celebrate Harvest this year at one of our Family Events?

2-4pm Saturday the 13th of October - our popular Harvest Show where all ages can show off their skills in making and growing and baking. Email for full details. 

All Age harvest services: 

11am on Sunday the 30st of September at St Luke's. 

3pm on Sunday the 7th of October at St John's. 

9.30am on Sunday the 21st of October at Whitechapel."


Each year in early October the Cleckheaton churches run a "Harvest Show" to celebrate local skills and creativity. This years show will be on the afternoon of the 13th of October, from 2-4 pm.

2018 Whitechapel Show - Classes

Section 1: Horticulture and Agriculture 

  1. Basket or box of home grown vegetables and/or fruit 
  2. Flower arrangement
  3. 6 fresh eggs
  4. Best scarecrow (outside) 

Section 2: Produce 

  1. Any home baked cake
  2. 4 home baked scones
  3. Decorated goods – cakes, cupcakes, biscuits
  4. Any Preserve (jams, chutneys, marmalades) 

Section 3: Arts & Crafts 

  1. Any handmade article – knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting
  2. Artwork – painting, drawing, sketching
  3. Photography - please submit mounted or framed entries

Section 4: Children's Classes 

Under 5 Years 

  1. Artwork – drawing, painting, photography 
  2. Fancy Dress competition

5 - 7 Years inclusive 

1. Best Handwriting Artwork – drawing, painting, photography 

2. Fancy Dress competition

3. Best Lego construction

4. Cutest pet (must be displayed safely in a suitable container - sorry no dogs))

8 - 11 Years inclusive 

1. Best Handwriting 

2. Artwork – drawing, painting, photography 

3. Fancy Dress competition 

4. Best Lego construction

5.. Cutest pet (must be displayed safely in a suitable container - sorry no dogs)

2018 Whitechapel Show - Conditions of Entry

Classes open to all.

Entry forms and fees accepted up to 2pm on the show day 

All entry forms to be submitted to the Secretary; there will also be a deposit box at the school reception. 

No entries to be substituted. 

All entries must be made, created or grown by the exhibitor; where appropriate (e.g. scarecrow classes) a collaborative entry is acceptable 

Entry monies, once paid, will not be refunded. 

All exhibits to be at Whitechapel CofE School Hall strictly no later than 2pm on the day of the show. 

All exhibits must be placed in the correct section as directed by the floor manager.

Any exhibit not as scheduled will be disqualified. 

No entries to be removed until after the presentation of prizes. 

Any prize money or certificates not collected on the day will be left on deposit at the school office; if not collected within one week, prize money will be returned to funds. 

No private sales to take place on the show premises. 

Produce can be auctioned towards show funds if the owner wishes.

All disputes to be decided by the Committee and not subject to proceedings by law. 

No dogs allowed in the hall except guide dogs; all dogs must be kept on a lead on school grounds, and may be tied to fence posts. 

All prizes will be presented to the winners at approximately 3.15pm on the afternoon of the show. 

Any profits from the show will be retained for future show costs or used to make Whitechapel Church a better venue for school and community events.

Entry fees:

Adult and secondary school sections: 50p entry. Rosette for 1st prize, certificates for 2nd and 3rd 

Child sections: Free entry. £1 and medal for 1st prize, 50p and certificate for 2nd and 3rd.



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