Cleckheaton is a vibrant Yorkshire town with something for everyone to enjoy.

It seems that whatever interests you have, this area can give you the opportunity to develop them!

in Cleckheaton there are three Anglican (Church of England) parish churches.

On the north side of the town, not far from junction 26 of the M62, is Whitechapel Church. It is our oldest and smallest church building, but it is situated next to the area's newest and largest Primary School - Whitechapel CofE.

On the west side of the town, on the A643 as it heads towards Scholes and Brighouse, is St Luke's Church. It is our newest church at just over 125 years, and one of the biggest buildings in the area, often hosting large gatherings.

In the commercial centre of Cleckheaton, close to our famous town hall, and not far from the junction of the A643 and the A638, is St John's Church. St John's was completed in 1832 to give thanks that the country had survived the Napoleonic wars, and has a fine set of eight bells which were installed in thanksgiving that we had come through the Second World War!

Cleckheaton is a place with a strong sense of identity and common purpose. For example, It has one secondary school that most local Primary School pupils go on to. However, at the same time, for many purposes, the town naturally divides into three. For example, we have three Primary Schools, and three Scout groups, each close to one of our churches.

So, our local church life seems to correspond quite well to our context - we share a common mission to offer Christian Ministry to Cleckheaton. We are as united as possible in our efforts to serve our town, and often support one another's events or organise work in common. However, even as we work together, and collaborate with our Catholic and Methodist friends, to do big things that impact our community, each of our churches still has its own special character, and is 'small enough to care'.

We hope you might find a spiritual home in one of our churches. In the Christian faith we think of God as the Holy Trinity: we believe in one God, but see God revealed in three "persons". Our understanding of God is defined by concepts of relationship - and likewise our three churches are part of one united benefice, serving our town in three complementary ways!